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Your Favorite Homegirl

Here's what you gotta know.....

One might not gather at first glance that Gevonchai Hudnall-Vogel is a bit of a math wizard with a long history in primary education. She’s vibrant, upbeat, spirited- the kind of girl that was likely described as “sassy” in her adolescent years, or god-forbid- “ghetto”.


Her upbringing on Detroit’s westside is evident in her soulful disposition. Her present-day confidence is layered, as is she. Like many brown girls, she was bullied for her dark skin tone and often relegated to boxes much too small to fit her brilliance.


Gevonchai has learned through her own healing journey that the exact package she shows up in is not only valid, but exactly where her magic lies. She understands that a term like “ghetto” isn’t an insult, but rather describes the rich and colorful humanity of the Black experience- and the rich and colorful humanity of girls like herself.


Unlike many wellness spaces, the Ghetto Mantras experience isn’t intimidating or puffed up, because neither is Gevonchai. She understands, by way of her own experience, that every girl- no matter how she shows up- deserves to heal, to transform, and to be fundamentally well.


She is perfectly fit to lead the charge of creating wellness spaces for the everyday Black girl, because that’s exactly who she is. 

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