Here's what you gotta know.....

My name is Gevonchai and I am the creator of Ghetto Mantras. Ghetto Mantras is where real sh*t, motivation, and Black genius collide. Taking you on a journey toward self-improvement, your favorite homegirl provides real life advice and carefully curated care packages full of Black girl magic from several Black-owned businesses.​

I grew up on the westside of Detroit, MI. When I was a kid people used to call me ghetto and I hated it. It made me feel like I wasn't smart or wasn't the "status quo". On top of that, I am a chocolate woman. So you know what type of time they were on. 


It wasn't until I reached adulthood that I was able fully to embrace being a multi-dimensional being. A being that loves God, loves to twerk, completed her undergrad in mathematics, but grew up on Dexter and Davison and enjoyed all of the ratchetness that may have come with it. 

I always have something to say but in my way. The super-smart, and unapologetically ghetto way.